My Work



Jenna Anast is a SAG actor-vist, social and emotional consultant + educator, and warrior for justice and radical self love.

They are embarking on their second year of working with Open Television as head of community. At OTV she shares her passion of storytelling telling, bridge building and uplifting marginalized voices with the belief that the revolution WILL be televised!

After earning their B.F.A in performing arts at The University of Illinois at Chicago, she decided to make her life’s purpose to imagine, create, and struggle to build a world that they feel brave enough to live in, using performing arts as their guiding force.

Their involvement with the #LetUsBreathe collective (a Black-led liberation headquarters for arts, organizing, and healing on Chicago's South Side) is a space for their imagination and creations to roam free. There they host radical intimacy workshops, intergenerational storytelling workshops, open mics, and anything the mind can imagine.

Jenna loves to collaborate in a variety of ways with organizations and individuals that align with her vision: envisioning a world of abundance and elimination of systems design to harm us.

Jenna was a Theater Bay Area award finalist for her performance in “Honey I Shrunk The Whites” (Killing My Lobster 2018). She is featured in the film “Sorry To Bother You.” (Annapurna Films 2018) & last October she worked in collaboration with Monkey Paw Productions. Jenna is the co-producer, creator, director, and host of their talk show “Craft Service” which had an exclusive screening at the OTV X Sundance “Emerging Storytellers event’ Craft Service is scheduled to be shared with the public in 2020.